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It is never too late for babies to crawl

Crawling is important for babies because it can strengthen their muscles to support the next stage of development, namely walking. Traditionally, babies learn to crawl by balancing their bodies in a propped position on the hands and knees first. After that, he will find a way to move back and forth from this position by pushing his knees. Crawling skills begin with the ability to sit. At the age of six months, the baby can sit with his head held high. While at the age of nine months, babies in general can already sit alone without the need to be assisted or supported. Meanwhile, babies learn to crawl when they are 6-10 months old. However, some children may never learn to crawl and prefer to suck, crawl, or even directly to the stage of standing and walking. If your child is 10 months old and has not been able to crawl, Mother does not need to panic by assuming that the child's development is too late to be able to crawl because, maybe he might be the type of baby who passes the crawling stage and goes straight into the next stage. The following are the stages of a baby crawling.
  • Over several months, the baby will gradually learn to move confidently from a sitting position to a crawling position.
  • In all fours, he immediately realized that he could move his body back in place.
  • After the baby is around 9-10 months old, he will find out that he can now not only move in place, but can move to crawl forward by pushing his knees.
  • When you are crawling smoothly, he will learn how to move from all fours back to a sitting position.
  • Your Little One will master the more sophisticated crawling technique, which is to move with arms and legs from opposite sides rather than from the same side, for example right hand and left foot advancing first, then left hand and right foot, then so on.
  • At the age of one year, babies can be proficient in crawling skills if previously continued to be trained.
If your baby does not go through the crawling steps above, and is included in the type of child who prefers to suck, crawl, or jump right into the walking stage, don't worry because as long as he can be more agile in motion, it means that his development is fine. What you need to be aware of is if your child cannot support his own body weight or does not have the energy to move to the surrounding area. If the characteristics of your baby look similar in this condition, immediately consult a pediatrician. Your baby may have weak muscle tone, which is when the brain does not send nerve stimulation to the muscles or the muscles do not receive nerve stimulation from the brain. Another possibility is that the child does not undergo prone stage for sufficient time. Other signs to look out for are if the baby is completely unable to roll, crawl, or crawl even though he is already a year old. It's the same if babies tend to only move one side of the body. These signs can be dangerous or may indicate neurological disorders, such as cerebral palsy or cerebral palsy

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